Working Safely at Heights

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Working Safely at Heights

How this applies to Cooling Equipment Hygiene?

Working at heights is a high-risk activity and it is a leading cause or injury and death in Australia.

Cooling Equipment is located at and in various locations.

On roof tops, in plant rooms, mounted on walls, under the ceiling, on the side a building, on a platform, in a pit.

Some cooling equipment is large scale such as cooling tower that present heights safety issues on the side of units, inside units, on top, and in pits and tanks. Height works both ways, going upward or going downward into a lowered space.

Cooling equipment requires the inspection of fans, motors, coils, fill pack, drift eliminators, or spray system and some of this activity is working at heights

Working on the roof of a factory to cleaning an evaporator coil, using an EWP scissor lift or access boom to get to a unit on the wall, many meters off the ground, our service technicians are often required to work at an elevated height.

It may be easy to simply say that it is unsafe and avoid working at height, but with the right means of access any job can be completed safely.

Coolclean is committed to providing training and equipment to our service technicians so that they can safely complete their work without compromising the quality of the service they provide.


Coolclean personnel are trained to operate and inspect

EWP units such as scissor lifts and boom lifts

Coolclean personnel are working at heights trained

to carry out all upper cleaning work

Providing height safety training- All Coolclean service technicians receive nationally recognised height safety training (RIIWHS204E), giving them the knowledge and skills to work safely at height.

Not only this, Coolclean service technicians receive nationally recognised ELEVATING WORK PLATFORM (EWP) (RIIHAN301E) training.

Assessing the job- Coolclean aims to provide the best equipment to our service technicians for the job, whether it is ladders, scaffolding or EWP’s, so we regularly assess the job and provide the safest option.

Height safety equipment- Coolclean provides our service technicians with all the required height safety equipment, all our equipment (harness, lanyards, etc) is regularly inspected and tagged to ensure that it is fit for service.

We use scissor lifts to access cooling equipment such as fan coil

units in cool stores

Coolclean can assist to design suitable access

to fan drives and access hatches

We also combine working at heights with confined space entry or restricted access for under ceiling units, in pits, in tanks, and on roof tops.

Yes, Cooling Equipment Hygiene takes you to a lot of places that requires extensive training include working at heights