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Air Cooled Condenser Unit Hygiene Service Benefits

Air cooled condenser units require routine disinfection cleaning and protection to ensure they are hygienic, efficient, and safe to operate.

Professional air-cooled condenser unit, cleaning process delivers:

  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Eliminates bacteria and mould in the air handling unit.
  • Restores the correct airflow and the correct unit cooling capacity.
  • Improves the air-cooled condenser unit reliability. Less breakdowns – often the air-conditioning system is not undersized; the air-cooled condenser unit is simply dirty.
  • Remove biofilm to reduce corrosion and scaling within the air-cooled condenser coils and interior casing.

Coolclean is HACCP Certified for air cooled condenser unit hygiene cleaning service.

Coolclean follow strict work processes to carry out air cooled condenser unit disinfection cleaning and protection. Our technicians are fully qualified in HACCP standards and practices.

Cross flow air cooled unit

Included in our service

Coolclean uses an advanced residual microbial biocide to safely clean and protect units from bacteria and mould. Much more than just the superficial cleaning of internal surfaces, our technicians use custom equipment to penetrate the coils, hygienically cleaning without causing equipment damage. Our service includes:

  • Dismantling units and chemically disinfecting and protecting the air intake grills, fans, heat exchange coils, doors, and inside and outside surfaces.
  • Cleaning of the interior, fans, and the exterior.
  • Cleaning of the heat transfer coil using power washing techniques.
  • Flushing drain lines.
  • A comprehensive service report is provided, together with pre- and post-clean photos.
  • Compliant with AS/NZS1668.2 and AS/NZS3666.2

counterflow air cooled unit

Electricity costs significantly reduced

After 5 years, a non-cleaned air handling unit can use up to 50% more electricity. The efficiency of these units is affected by a number of factors – the age of the unit, system maintenance and cleanliness can increase energy consumption. In time, the surfaces of coils, fans, and air intake grills become dirty as the air moving through the air cooled condenser units can contain dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria, mould, pollen, and other contaminants.

Mould and bacteria control – Reduce corrosion.

Mould and bacteria thrive in a moist environment. During the cleaning process, we remove mould, bacteria and contaminants from cooling equipment and surfaces. We then chemically treat the unit to protect it from mould and bacteria regrowth. Biological growth is a major cause of corrosion within an air cooled condenser unit, as combined with warm moist air, corrosion rates accelerate to destroy steel, aluminum, and other metals. The cost to repair and replace fans, fan housings, coil supports, coils, water basins, sumps, pans is a huge cost often caused by poor cleaning practices.

Bacteria is also responsible for damage of plastics, paintwork, and powder-coating.


Dirty coils are expensive to run – Power costs up!        Clean coils allow 100% cooling performance

Improved air cooled condenser unit reliability

The correct cleaning of heat transfer surfaces reduces breakdowns. The majority of breakdowns are due to the system not being cleaned properly. Often the unit is not broken, it is simply dirty.

Qualified Coolclean technicians

Our Coolclean technicians carry specialist equipment to perform work efficiently, to minimise impact on your operation. The cleaning process includes the application of an anti-microbial biocide, which is endorsed by HACCP and CSIRO to effectively remove contaminants. Our technicians are fully trained, and HACCP qualified to safely restore unit efficiency in food related areas.

Optimised cooling performance

By cleaning and treating the coils and surfaces, the Coolclean service restores units to ‘as new’ efficiency, where performance improvements see the correct airflow and temperature maintained.


Coolclean provides cleaning and disinfection services throughout Victoria, including Melbourne CBD, Dandenong, Braeside, Berwick, Hallam, Geelong, Tullamarine, Brooklyn, Laverton, Derrimut, Sunshine, Port Melbourne, and Airport West.

Ensure the cleanest, most efficient operation of your fan coil units and evaporators. Contact us to discuss your requirements.