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Coolclean is a company that specialises in cooling equipment hygiene. Coolclean for the past 33 years has provided expert cooling equipment servicing for commercial buildings,  industrial factories, food and beverage companies, cool and cold storage facilities and hospitals.We provide the best Cooling Equipment Services in Melbourne, Servicing all of Victoria and the NSW Riverina district. 

RWTA membership



Cooclean – Member of RWTA 

The Refrigerated Warehouse & Transport Association of Australia represents the Australian Cold Chain Industry. This is a large part of Coolclean’s business activities. Our operation stretches from cool room surfaces, cooling towers, fan coil units, penthouse units, alcove units, hybrid or dry cooler units, evaporative condensers, to ripening rooms. 

Coolclean carry out the disinfection cleaning and protection of cooling equipment and surfaces to eliminate and control bacteria and mould. Cooling units recirculate cold or cool chilled air around cool room spaces so they are superspreaders that must be maintained regularly to protect food, beverages, and workers in the cooled spaces. 

Companies spend a fortune on the cleaning of easy to get to surfaces or items such as floors, walls, machinery, process equipment however cool equipment allows the growth of mould and bacteria, that then blows out air with bacteria and mould spores over the surfaces that were just cleaned. 

Coolclean assist out RWTA clients to reduce their total bacteria and mould load within the cooling equipment.

HACCP Accredited



Cooclean – HACCP certified since 2018

HACCP is an Australian Food Safety Certification adopted by Coolclean to provide specialist cooling equipment cleaning services for our customers in Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point better known as (HACCP) was established as a food safety management system that is a preventive risk assessment tool operated by the food industry to ensure that all food safety hazards are assessed and that appropriate controls are put in place to eliminate or reduce contamination of food from those hazards. It is a regulatory requirement in many parts of the world and is a demand placed upon the whole food chain to demonstrate due diligence.

Coolean achieved HACCP Certification for our work activities such as the cleaning and sanitisation of air handling units, wall split systems, split ducted air conditioning, chillers, fan coil units, evaporators, exhaust fans, cooling towers, cool rooms, cold stores, and cold storage facilities. The certification is part of Coolclean’s continuous improvement strategy and contributes to their work quality, policies, systems, procedures, safety, traceability, and environmental impact.

We protect people, food and the environment from the general operational hazards that could be caused by cooling systems, across various installations in buildings, hospitals, factories, cool stores, and cold stores.   

Coolclean is a company that specialises in cooling equipment hygiene 

What cooling equipment do we service? 

Cooling Towers – Fan Coil Units – Evaporators – Fluid Coolers – Penthouse Units – Air Handling Units – Hybrid Units – Air Cooled Condensers – Commercial / Industrial Split Systems and Evaporative Coolers – Associated Drains / Pipelines / Pits / Tanks / Vessels – Adiabatic Units – Condensers  

What is Cooling Equipment Hygiene? 

Our standard service process is to disinfect, clean & protect. 

  • Disinfect is a process to eliminate bacteria and mould by adding biocides, which are circulated or by making surface contact, at controlled levels, and for set periods of time.  
  • Clean is a process we call the Superior Clean – a process that includes, Removal of components – Full interior power wash – Component inspection – Mechanical inspection – Comprehensive service report – Photographs for audits attached to the service report – Safety & compliance recommendations – and one service report for each cooling equipment unit. We give our clients a cleaning process.
  • Protect is to complete after the Superior Clean process, disinfection to eliminate residual bacteria/mould, and to add approved chemicals for ongoing biological protection. 

We want our clients to experience the benefits of our Superior Clean process, a process that delivers so much more than just a Clean. 
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Superior Clean provides additional benefits to our clients

Effective cooling equipment hygiene is a process that has two distinct categories. First being the disinfect, clean & protect and second being a Superior Clean. Together you get these extra benefits:  

  • Increased cooling performance 
  • Bacteria control 
  • Energy cost savings 
  • Water cost savings 
  • Environment protection 
  • Government compliance 

How do you get these additional benefits from a Superior Clean? 

The Superior Clean is also a process of discovery, where we inspect and report on all interior components. We discover faults that are reducing the cooling performance, faults that cause water and chemical loss from a unit (environmental and financial loss), and faults that are not compliant with regulations (Government standards and laws). We remove hidden bacteria and dirt lodged deep inside a cooling unit (bacteria control, cooling performance and energy cost savings).   


Cooling Equipment Hygiene service benefits:  

Further benefits: 

The Superior Clean process addresses the requirement of the cooling equipment manufacturer to carry out routine operation checks and maintenance.

We even discover safety concerns from faulty mechanical drives that could cause equipment failure, injury, or total cooling system shutdown.

Knowledge is power so by having quality service reports, photographs, comments, and recommendations, you can initiate action to quote, repair or upgrade.  


Coolclean has been in business for 33 years and has a wide range of cooling equipment hygiene services:

  • Protecting the community from the hazards of Legionnaires Disease bacteria that is spread by cooling towers. 
  • Protecting people from bacteria and mould spread by cooling units in food and beverage industries. Process rooms, supply air ducts, cool stores, cold stores, refrigerated rooms, cold transport, waste discharge drains and pipelines.  
  • Protecting occupants in commercial buildings from bacteria and mould spread from air handling units and air-cooled units.
  • Protecting people at industrial businesses from bacteria spread from cooling equipment and contained within tanks and vessels. 


Our management

Coolclean has a team of very efficient and trained people that all play a significant role in delivering everything cooling equipment hygiene.

Administration – Accounts, quality assurance, purchasing, payroll, compliance.     

Occupational Health and Safety – Site compliance, JSEA, inductions, insurance, SWMS, safety, Work safe compliance.   

Scheduling and Planning – Labour and equipment allocation to site. 

Client engagement and communications.  

Project Management – Project onsite management, customer relationship 

and communications, material, and delivery control.    

Estimating – Customer quotations and site inspections. Reports and photographs.

Business Manager – Client accounts and business compliance.  

Our focus has always been on serving our clients’ best interests, and we always strive to ensure the safety of the public, the trust of our clients, the reliability of our services and the quality outcomes of all our work.

Grant Nichols, Cooclean Business Manager

Meet our Coolclean business manager Grant Nichols. Grant has 25 years of experience as a cooling tower and cooling system manager, including heavy industry, light industrial, food & beverage production, power generation and commercial & institutional applications. His diverse experience includes formal education with the RAAF as air conditioning & refrigeration technician.

– AIRAH accredited water treatment service training

– NSW Government accredited cooling water systems risk management auditor.

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