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 High Care Areas – Red Line Entry

Coolclean provides specialist cleaning & hygiene services within High Care Areas – Red Line Entry Zones.

Our HACCP certified cleaning and sanitising processes for cool room assets including fan coil units, evaporators, walls and floors, pits & drains, are designed to minimise the risk of product contamination & microbiological activity.

HACCP certified specialist cleaning & treatment products used by Coolclean technicians help to protect cooling equipment and surfaces from the spread of viruses, yeasts, moulds and bacteria. This provides a safe & hygienic workplace whilst also safeguarding against spoilage, bacteria & foodborne illness causing bacteria.








Coolclean reports include meaningful comments which support proposed improvements and photographic evidence of the cleaning process which provides validation for Auditors and regulatory authorities.

 The benefits of Coolclean equipment hygiene services are:

  • Microbial / Bacterial Control
  • Performance Maximisation
  • Environmental Protection
  • Water Savings
  • Energy Savings
  • Hazard Validation
  • Government Compliance


 Coolclean is HACCP Food Safety Certified

Our technicians are fully qualified in HACCP food-safe standards and practices.