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Coolclean Cooling Tower Service Benefits

Coolclean carry out comprehensive cooling tower servicing to not just clean, but to also ensure that the cooling tower cools to its maximin efficiency, to reduce water and chemical usage, to reduce electrical power consumption, to reduce environmental damage, to control bacteria growth, and comply with State and Federal Government, law, regulations, and standards.

This is not a water treatment program designed by chemists. Coolclean carries out cooling tower services and clean mechanical & maintenance programs using trained cooling tower equipment specialists.

A cooling tower is equipment that requires a full service and maintenance including:

  • Remove all access hatches and all removable components such as drift eliminators, water distribution nozzles, air intake louvres and fill pack.
  • Interior clean of all interior surfaces and components – Physical – Not a chemical wash
  • Component inspection and report with photographs. One report for each cooling tower cell – not system.
  • Mechanical inspection and report with photographs. One report for each cooling tower cell – not system.
  • Performance optimisation by ensuring that the cooling tower components can provide cooling efficiency at the original 100% design capacity.
  • Disinfection and re-disinfection in line with Victoria State and Government Regulations.
  • Power wash cleaning to remove interior build-up of dirt, scale, bacteria, and biofilm. This is a physical process that water treatment chemicals cannot do.


Permit and confined space entry writing                       Internal and external surfaces power wash                                                                                                               cleaning

If you only carry out disinfections, clean with just a hose, do not remove all components, do not inspect, and maintain all components, your cooling tower is never being serviced.

What must take place for an effective service of any cooling tower – at least six monthly.

  • Victorian State Government regulated disinfection and cleaning procedure.
  • Power wash of all interior surfaces (all access panels off) to comply with Victorian State Government regulations.
  • Mechanical and component inspection and report.
  • Drift eliminator removal – Compliance inspection and condition report.
  • Manufacturer’s logbook service of all parts.
  • Full insurance to carry- out cooling tower cleaning – Legionella cover not excluded.
  • Service report for each cooling tower cell with photos (not just the system).
  • Performance optimising – Water distribution – Air flow – Water flow
  • Experienced cooling tower equipment service technicians to carry out this work.


Drift eliminators removed for power wash clean        Remove heat transfer fill pack for power wash                                                                                                           clean 

Reduce Legionella risk and excessive operational costs associated with cooling towers. Do not settle for a routine/compliance clean when you can receive a comprehensive service. 

Coolclean’ s standard Service includes:

  • Compliance with manufacturer’s operation and maintenance instructions
  • Cleaning and disinfection procedures to Victorian State Government and Australian regulations and Laws
  • The inspection and reporting of the condition of every component
  • Service reports recording the service process, cleaning process, the condition of individual components, mechanical maintenance work, together with photographs for auditing purposes
  • General maintenance to ensure your cooling equipment operates safely and efficiently
  • Coolclean is HACCP certification to ensure our service procedures are maintained and audited
  • Service technicians that are highly trained to carry out this work. This includes safe access, isolations, confined spaced entry, working at heights, ladder safety, pressure cleaner operation, inductions, and PPE/breathing apparatus safety

Cooling tower with all components removed to power wash interior casing

Planning – Scheduling – Labour allocation – Equipment supply – OH&S

Coolclean can provide all you require for a compliant cooling tower service.

Labour, equipment, JSEA, SWMS, inductions, ladders, platforms, scaffolding, scissor lifts, access booms, confined space testing / permits / entry / spotting / rescue, vacuum trucks, EWP, chemical passivation, biocide treatment

We maintain a register of the condition, make and model of cooling tower components. This enables you to access our spare parts records without delay when required.

Coolclean carries out cooling equipment servicing throughout Victoria and other Australian locations.

Coolclean provide cooling tower servicing for quality-focused water treatment companies, air-conditioning mechanical services companies, refrigeration companies, building owners, property managers, and industrial manufacturing companies. These companies engage Coolclean because they want their equipment to be serviced correctly, not just cleaned. With 30 years’ experience, Coolclean is trusted by leading Australian companies to reduce Legionella risk, optimise cooling performance, reduce the impact of chemicals on the environment, and save water.

Types of cooling tower SERVICES

Coolclean offers comprehensive Cooling Tower Cleaning Services in Melbourne for all makes and models of cooling towers, condensers, and fluid coolers. This includes:

  • Removing all access panels by using platforms ladders, EWP’s & scaffolds.
  • Dismantling and inspecting every component
  • Full disinfection of all parts
  • Removal and cleaning of drift eliminators

Super clean and Deep Clean

A super clean or a seep clean of a cooling tower is basically, dismantling, removing, and power washing, the fill pack. The fill pack is the heat transfer medium which transfers the heat from the water into the air.

Over time, cooling towers build up deposits of dirt, scale & debris, and allowing the growth of bacteria, slime, and biofilm. This reduces the system efficiency of the cooling tower and the equipment that it is designed to provide cooled water for, such as a chiller. Dirty and scaled fill pack provides a haven for bacterial growth which increases the chance of a Legionnaires Disease outbreak.

Cooling Tower – Disinfection, Clean & Protect

 Coolclean do the cleaning work correctly. 

 If you want your cooling tower interior cleaned correctly from top to bottom, call the cooling tower cleaning specialist – Coolclean.

Victorian State Government Regulated Interior Clean – Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2019 S.R. No. 135/2019

  • First Disinfection. Government Compliance
  • All access hatches removed.   Government Compliance
  • Full interior clean – fill pack – drift eliminators – fan drives – casing – basin – water distribution system.  Government Compliance
  • Second disinfection. Government Compliance
  • Chemicals dosed as per water treatment company specification. Government Compliance

You get all this for no extra cost

  • Full power wash of the interior cooling tower surfaces that can remove dirt – biofilm – and mild scale.   Energy cost savingsReduced Legionnaires Disease risk
  • Water nozzles checked and cleared to make the unit run cooler. Energy cost savings
  • Drift eliminators cleaned inspected, and compliance confirmed. Reduced Legionnaires Disease risk. Water use reduced.
  • Suction strainer removed and cleared of rubbish. Energy cost savings
  • Operation and maintenance procedure as per cooling tower manufactures requirements. Manufactures Compliance
  • One service report per cooling tower. Government Compliance and best practice
  • Photos attached to the service report of the drift eliminator removed – the access hatches removed – interior cleaned surfaces – the clean basin – Government Compliance – Auditing

Compliance – Safety – OH&S – Worksafe – Comprehensive Public and product liability insurance   

  • HACCP certified company – Quality system and procedures – SOP – JSA – JSEA – SWMS – SDS –
  • Confined space entry and restricted access trained personnel – Entry – Spotter – Rescue – Supervisor – Permit writer
  • Working at Heights trained personnel – Ladders – scaffolding – platforms – safety harnesses – lanyards.
  • Chemical handling trained personnel – PPE – Dosing – Isolation – Containment
  • Licenced to operate EWP personnel – Scissor lifts – access booms under 11 meters and over 11 meters.
  • Working with children and police checked personnel.
  • Public and product liability insurance 20,000,000 NOT excluding Legionella cover.

Cleaning cooling towers is an opportunity to improve the cooling performance of your system, reduce water usage, reduce energy costs, reduce environmental damage, be compliant with State Government regulations and Australian Standards.

Clean cooling tower correctly to reduce illness

A professional cooling tower clean takes TIME

  • Measure the quality of your cooling tower by how long it takes to complete the clean correctly.
  • Ask your current cleaning supplier: How long will the clean take and how many people will be required? Confirm this against the actual time on site.
  • Ask will all the access hatches be removed, and will all the interior surfaces be cleaned?
  • If it is a cheap price for a cooling tower clean – you are not getting much.
  • It takes a minimum of two hours to just carry out the two mandatory disinfection procedures.
  • It takes a minimum of two hours to clean the smallest cooling tower interior correctly.
  • It takes approximately one hour to carry our safety compliance – permits – JSA – service reports.
  • Simple basic clean of one cooling tower is four to five hours.
  • The landowner and the cooling tower operator are responsible to ensure a cooling tower is cleaned in accordance with Victoria State Government Law – Not the cleaning provider!
  • Employee a cooling tower cleaning company that can deliver a compliant clean not a cheap clean.