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Drain, Pit and Vessel Hygiene Service Benefits

Drains, pits and vessels are located in food and beverage facilities, commercial buildings, and industrial factories.

Professional drain, pit and vessel cleaning process delivers:

  • Eliminates bacteria and mould in the drains, pits, and vessels.
  • Removes dirt, sludge, biofilm, and mould.
  • Enhanced food safety for food and beverage facilities by reducing the growth of bacteria and mould hidden in covered drains, pits, and traps.
  • Improved quality of fluids stored in pits and vessels such as rainwater, fire water, header tank water, and treated water.
  • Confined space entry trained personnel to enter pits, tanks, and vessels. Trained spotters, standby person and rescue person.

Coolclean is HACCP Certified for drain, pit, and vessel hygiene cleaning service.

Coolclean follow strict work processes to carry out Drain Pit and Vessel disinfection cleaning and protection. Our technicians are fully qualified in HACCP standards and practices. They are also trained in confined space entry, spotting, standby and rescue.

Completing permits for confined space entry of pits and tanks


Completing permits for confined space entry of pits and tanks

Included in our service

Coolclean uses a food grade biocide to safely disinfect clean and protect Drains Pits and Vessels from bacteria and mould. Much more than just the superficial cleaning of surfaces, our technicians use custom equipment to power wash the surfaces without causing damage. Our service includes:

  • Disinfection of surfaces
  • Dismantling and removing the drain covers, grills, pit covers.
  • Racking, and equipment is covered with plastic film to protect it from splash and over spray.
  • Cleaning of the interior of pits tanks and vessels using power washers / pressure cleaners.
  • Disconnect and flush drain lines.
  • Vacuuming of residual dirt, sludge, and biomass
  • Confined space entry procedures for restricted or confined pits, tanks or vessels
  • Cleaning of adjacent surfaces surrounding drains, pits, and vessels.
  • A comprehensive service report is provided, together with pre- and post-clean photos.
  • Compliant with AS/NZS1668.2 and AS/NZS3666.2 for food and beverage applications


Power wash of concrete pit                                                        Power water of cooling tower pit with                                                                                                                       CSE gas meter 

Mould and bacteria control

Mould and bacteria thrive in a moist environment. During the cleaning process, we remove mould, bacteria and contaminants from drains pits and vessels. We chemically treat food and beverage drains and pits to protect them from mould and bacteria regrowth.

Qualified Coolclean technicians

Our Coolclean technicians carry specialist equipment to perform work efficiently, to minimise impact on your operation. Our technicians are fully trained, and HACCP qualified to safely carry out the work.

Environmentally friendly cleaning

Avoiding the use of cleaning chemicals in food related areas makes perfect sense. As part of our standard clean, the food-safe biocide is environmentally friendly, pH neutral, non-corrosive and fully biodegradable.

Power wash of water storage tank before and after clean


Before cleaning                                      After cleaning

Acid clean of condenser coils using recirculation pump and tank

Improved food safety and product shelf life

Mould and bacteria thrive in a moist environment. This builds up naturally on cooling units, walls, and ceilings.

Drains and pits can act as prime incubators to spread mould and bacteria via foot traffic over drain surfaces and throughout walkways. Moulds and bacteria can produce contaminants that degrade food, cause illness, and reduce shelf life.

Coolclean provides protection from mould and bacteria, to assist in keeping food production areas hygienically clean and suitable for food storage.


Coolclean provides cleaning and disinfection services throughout Victoria, including Melbourne CBD, Dandenong, Braeside, Berwick, Hallam, Geelong, Tullamarine, Brooklyn, Laverton, Derrimut, Sunshine, Port Melbourne, and Airport West.

Ensure the cleanest, most efficient operation of your fan coil units and evaporators. Contact us to discuss your requirements.