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HACCP – A quality system for cooling system hygiene

Coolclean have adopted HACCP as our quality system for all the work we carry out for cooling equipment hygiene.

HACCP was a perfect match for our business activities so in 2016 we started work on our HACCP system and obtained certification on the 20/10/2016

Since that date Coolclean have been audited with the last audit (onsite surveillance audit) carried out this year 2023.

The basic principle of HACCP in relation to food safety and how Coolclean apply this to all cooling equipment.  

  • HACCP principles form the basis of Food Safety Programs that are accepted worldwide. HACCP principles can be applied to processes throughout every stage of the food supply chain, from preparation to production, and packaging and distribution.

Coolclean apply their principles to cooling equipment that service, production areas, food & beverage areas, packaging areas, distribution cool / cold store areas, building air-conditioning spaces, pits, tanks, waste discharge drains.

  • The purpose of HACCP was established to manage food safety across many different types of food businesses to identify and control potential problems before they occur. This has proven to be a successful approach to preventing food borne illness.

Coolclean control not only food borne illness, but air borne illness such as Legionnaires Disease, and the spread of bacteria and mould from cooling equipment fans.

  • HACCP is based on seven principles that are key to ensuring the safety of food.

Coolclean use the seven HACCP principles for the safe operation of all Cooling Equipment, and to ensure maximum cooling performance.

  • The seven HACCP principles are: hazard analysis, CCP identification, establishing critical limits, monitoring procedures, corrective actions, verification procedures, and record-keeping and documentation.

Coolclean carry out a hazard analysis for all cooling equipment we service,  with the critical control points to control hazards, the critical limits is the control of bacteria – mould – dirt from becoming air borne, implementing and reviewing our procedures, reporting faults and ineffective components for corrective action, following up reports and proposed corrective action, supplying a detailed service report for each and every cooling equipment unit serviced, and service reports that have photos of faulty components and vision of the condition of the unit, before and after a service.





Using HACCP – Coolclean deliver a service for cooling equipment, that is best practice for all industries:  Food – Beverage – Commercial air-conditioning – Refrigeration – Cool / cold storage – Industrial process cooling. We care about People and Food safety. We care about cooling performance maximisation to reduce operational costs. We increase safety and reduce cost within the same cleaning process.  

 Our Products

At Coolclean we only source cleaning agents that are 100% HACCP certified and deemed food-safe and fit for purpose.

Coolclean’s AerisGuard treatment provides guaranteed protection for 12 months for treatment of cool rooms, cool stores, process areas, fan coil units, split systems, evaporators, air handling units, hybrid coolers, dry coolers, condensers and cooling towers.

Our Team

Our team of service technicians undergo advanced training in the safe application and handling of chemicals for food premises, commercial and industrial situations. HACCP accreditation is how we set the highest standards to minimise the likelihood of microbiological, chemical, or foreign body contamination in food area, minimise the risk of bacteria growth and discharge to air, minimise dirt, biofilm, slime, and mould that causes corrosion, scaling, fouling within a cooling equipment unit.

Our Promise

We have worked tirelessly in developing and implementing a systematic preventative approach to food processing, food storage, building air-conditioning, and industrial process cooling, safety for cooling equipment.  Across the whole of our operations, from the products we use, to the team of highly skilled and dedicated hygiene specialists performing the work, we are 100% committed to providing services that meet customer expectations. We are confident our services will comply with your quality management systems in the food and beverage industry, commercial air-conditioning, and industrial process cooling.

Contact us today to discuss your cooling equipment hygiene requirements.