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Cool Room / Cold Storage Surface Hygiene Benefits

Coolclean is HACCP certified to carry out critical cool / cold room storage – hygiene servicing. We can eliminate and control bacteria and mould on the cool room surfaces by applying a Disinfectant to kill bacteria and mould – Power washing or hand cleaning the surfaces – Applying surface protection for ongoing bacteria and mould control. Walls – Ceilings – Racking – Doors – Floors. We service Cold storage cleaning associated equipment as well.    

There are many areas within a cold/cool store facility or cool room that benefit from great hygiene practices

  • Fan Coil Units
  • Penthouse Units
  • Alcove Units
  • Humidity Control – Ripening Units
  • Cool room panel surfaces – Walls – Ceiling
  • Drains – Pits – Vessels
  • Entry & Exit Points – Doors
  • Auditing Compliance


Ceiling cleaning service

Cool room and cold stores are at many of the supply chain locations, the growers, processors, manufacturers, distributors, store facilities, and retailers. Coolclean can service them all. Consumers want the best produce they can get, so Coolclean are ready to assist you with your business. Coolclean is based in Melbourne and services all of Victoria and the NSW food bowl.

Distribution centre cleaning

Coolclean is a Melbourne based business that have provided hygiene serving of cooling equipment since 1991. Victoria is renowned for its production and supply of quality food & beverages to the Australian and world markets, so hygiene has always played a critical role within this valuable industry.

Stop bacteria and mould transfer to produce

Ensure that your fan coil units Penthouse or Alcove units

From the grower to the producers, to distribution, to cold or cool storage, hygiene is critical to ensure that the goods produced for the consumers are not spoiled by bacteria and mould contaminants.

At each point of produce handling, the production stage, packaging, transport, and cleaning cool/cold storage stage, we must ensure we follow HACCP quality hygiene practices/standards.