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Reporting – Service – Compliance – Auditing

Coolclean believes in a basic principle. If You Do the Work – Prove it!  Report it!

All of our cooling equipment service reports follow the following format.

  • One service report for each unit (reports that are just for a system, fail to provide correct information on each unit).
  • Photographs of the work carried out.
  • Include the work procedure.
  • Include the current unit condition comments and recommendations.
  • Designed for auditing and legal protection.

Service reports that lack detail are designed that way, in order to reduce the liability and accountability of the report writer.


We use electronic reporting and attach photographs so that auditors

can easily identify con-conformance

Examples of quality Coolclean – Cooling Equipment Hygiene service reports  

  • Cooling Towers
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Air Handling Units
  • Cool Rooms

Service Report – Is an account of the work carried out to complete a process. For cooling equipment, it is the procedure to disinfect clean and protect the unit in accordance with State or Federal Regulations – Laws – Standards. These are legal documents that must be a true account of the work carried out and these documents must be kept for five years.

Service – cooling equipment is serviced to reduce bacteria, biofilm, mould, dirt, scale and sludge within the unit. It generally includes a disinfection procedure to kill bacteria and mould and a protection system to slow down the regrowth of bacteria and mould.

Compliance – Comply with Victorian State Government Regulations and Standards. This include WorkSafe, EPA and other departments. Comply with Council Regulations and comply with Federal Laws and Standards.

Auditing – Provide reports and procedures to auditors for review to confirm compliance with State Government Regulations Laws and Standards

Litigation – Provide written proof for insurance loss adjuster, legal firms, in the form of reports, procedures and records to demonstrate compliance with all State Government Regulations – laws – Standards, Federal law and standards, Council Regulations and Bylaws, WorkSafe, EPA and other authorities.  


Lock out tag out of moving equipment, electrical

dangers, and fluid flow is critical for safety   


Food handling can present health risks to consumers

so it is critical that we submit high quality service reports with photos for our clients

Coolclean believe that by providing our clients with quality service reports backed up by quality work procedures, we protect their best interests.